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Testimonials for Cultural Tours to Cuba

Robert Ewing, January 2015

Dear Alice, Thanks for everything you did for us on our recent Cuba adventure. We had a great experience throughout. We've since talked with some others who've traveled there, and it's safe to say that none of them had anything like our trip! (Elizabeth has rented a jembe drum for a month to see if she'll persevere.) Here's a video slide show of the trip. Anyway, thank you deeply for your hard work getting it together; it was a gas! Cheers, Rob and Elizabeth

Cuba Salsa! 2015 from Rob Ewing on Vimeo.

Cuban music, Cuban dance, and Cuban culture reflect a unique mix of rhythms and peoples. We'd long sought the right licensed group trip -- still necessary -- that would take us into the heart of Havana. Elizabeth found 'Salsa Retreat,' based in Seattle, which offered two hours drumming a day with pro teachers; three hours salsa dancing a day with gifted young dancers; and club dancing each night with the same dance partners, plus rooming in a Cuban home. Our slice of Cuba was close to the bone and not at all fancy, but it was full of life! There are many other ways to see Cuba; ours brought us close to real Cubans and allowed us to work one-on-one with elite dancers and musicians.

Pat Kunze from Seattle, Washington (January 2014)

"I have just returned home from an awesome legal cultural exchange trip to Cuba where the focus of our trip was to study Cuban music and dance. Because of Alice Kupcik's hard work in organizing this trip through her business Salsa Retreat, I have just experienced the best trip of my lifetime. Thank you Alice for this incredible opportunity -- I am sincerely and deeply grateful to you for making this trip possible and for allowing me to be one of your very lucky participants. Te mando un beso grande!"

Lori Young from Portland, Oregon (January 2014)

"If you are considering a trip to Cuba with Salsa Retreat, don't think another minute. Just do it. You won't regret it. I recently returned from a trip to Havana, Cuba with this group. The trip was wonderful. Cuba is shockingly beautiful. You will fall in love... many times. If you love to dance, you will dance. The music, the sights and sounds, but most importantly, the people made this experience one I will never forget."

Michelle Badion from Seattle, Washington (January 2014)

"Cuba was fantastic and now you can all go on a dance vacation! I loved the people and danced all day and all night."

Michelle is a professional dance instructor from Seattle, and you can see her comments about the trip on her website Learn to Dance with Michelle Badion (full blog post to follow). Please feel free to contact Michelle if you have questions about her experience in Cuba, or if you would like to take dance lessons with her.

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