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Policies- Oaxaca

Our Invitation to You:

  • We welcome solo travelers as well as pairs and groups of friends & family members.
  • No prior Salsa or dance experience is needed - many of our guests are absolute beginners!
  • Women and men of all levels of Salsa & dance experience are invited to join us.
  • There is no age limit! You can learn to dance at any age and have a wonderful time! (Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
  • We recommend that our guests be in good physical health to participate in our various activities.
  • All Salsa Retreat guests must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and sign the liability waiver prior to attending a retreat.
  • We do not share your information with others unless necessary to book the vacation, please see our Privacy Statement for details.

Salsa Retreat has had the pleasure of welcoming women and men of all ages from around the world!

Oaxaca: All our retreat activities are optional and guests are encouraged to learn at their own pace and are invited to follow their bliss and enjoy many of the other activities available such as relaxing in the garden, taking Spanish lessons, getting spa treatments, exploring amazing shopping or gourmet dining and cooking classes, or experiencing the exotic culture of Oaxaca.

In order for Salsa Retreat to begin planning and preparing your customized retreat in Oaxaca, you must first pay a $75 planning fee. This is a non-refundable fee, except as otherwise stated in this section, for our planning services. Upon your written commitment to book the retreat, this fee will be deducted from the total retreat cost that is due and the cancellation terms and fees stated in elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions will apply. If, for some reason Salsa Retreat is unable to finalize the booking due to unavailability of our suppliers, we will refund this planning fee. However, if you decide not to accept or complete the booking, this planning fee is non-refundable.

Full payment is due upon booking in order to make and hold your reservation.

Because you are reserving a custom retreat requiring reservation of and pre-payment to instructors, accommodations, and other tour items, your custom retreat is non-refundable even in the event that you must cancel.

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