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Why book a Salsa Vacation with Salsa Retreat?

Dance Vacation organizers are unnecessary

The Salsa scene in Oaxaca is huge considering that Oaxaca is a relatively small city. A couple of international champions live and teach here. Many Salsa schools are located throughout the city, several of which are professionally organized and provide quality instruction. In addition, there are many reasonably priced hotels in Oaxaca and the city center is easily discovered on foot. So why would it even make sense to book a Salsa vacation with Salsa Retreat?

It shouldn’t be a problem to organize a Salsa vacation with information from the internet and save some money, right?

It is true that we cannot offer a better price than what you would pay if you researched your own trip on the internet, went to Oaxaca and improvised a dance vacation. You can probably find cheaper dance lessons - assuming that you would be able to find a dance school on your own, talk to someone there to find out who can give private lessons, and call that person to arrange them. If the instructor actually shows up at the arranged date and time and the lesson takes place, it might not be what you wanted. This is of course how we started out in Oaxaca many years ago, and those are the things we experienced. Over the years that’s also what we have heard from others who have visited and tried it on their own. While it is true that there are many Salsa schools in Oaxaca, they are not used to working with tourists, most speak no English, are not open for walk-ins during the day but instead are busy with their regular class schedule for locals, and lastly they are not always the most welcoming places for foreigners and what they consider beginners. In the end what it comes down to is time. How much time do you have to do the research on your own once you arrive in Oaxaca?

Why does it pay off to book a dance vacation with Salsa Retreat? We have worked very hard for the past 5 years to establish a good relationship with an excellent dance school that employs professional instructors. We pre-pay for all the lessons so that the instructors make it a priority to be there, and we will guarantee that all lessons you book will be held during your stay, or you will get your money back. We talk to you before the trip and discuss your learning plan with the instructor before you arrive to ensure we know what you are expecting from the course. The studio space will be reserved for you alone, so that you can chose the music and work undisturbed with your instructor. When you book your dance vacation with Salsa Retreat you will receive the assurance that the lessons you pay for will in fact take place, and you will have a local Salsa Retreat representative available who you can contact any time you need help with something. You will first meet our local Salsa Retreat representative when you arrive at the airport, from where he will take you to your hotel and ensure that you are settled in. He will also accompany you to your first dance lesson and introduce you to your dance instructor. Before you leave on your trip we will provide you with an information package that will help you to plan and prepare, and it will give you some insight into our personal favorite places in and around Oaxaca. We have personally selected and tried all of our recommendations and we will be able to spare you some unpleasant surprises. It is our goal to design a vacation that meets your needs and expectations and shares with you our years of experience in the Salsa scene of Oaxaca.

After years of operation in Oaxaca, we have a local system in place that can guarantee a smooth execution of your travel plans and offer assistance and support in case of the unexpected. Oaxaca is after all in Mexico, where the infrastructure, communication style and the commitment to set appointments is not the same as it is in the US, Canada or Europe. So it would be normal for someone to not show up to an appointment because a relative needed the car and they couldn’t call because the cell phone doesn’t work where they live. Salsa instructors - being artists - are especially difficult to schedule and they do not take appointments for private lessons very seriously. The Salsa instructors that are easy to find and cater to tourists are not the best dancers and teachers. Again, all this won’t be so much of a problem if you are planning to stay in Oaxaca for a couple of months and have enough time to get to know some of the dancers personally before asking them for lessons. But if your time is limited and you are trying to make the best out of a short and hard-earned vacation, it makes a lot of sense to skip the time-consuming trial-and-error search for the right Salsa instructor, the best place to stay and a good place to dance.

We can also assure you that when you book your vacation with Salsa Retreat your stay in Oaxaca will be a real adventure. You will experience a true cultural immersion and see Oaxaca off the beaten path. There is so much to see and explore, there is such great dancing to experience, that it would be a waste of time to spend a short vacation by moving in and out of hotels, eating bad food and waiting in front of closed dance schools. The adventure lies in the interaction with the people, exploring the markets and archeological sites surrounding the city, and restaurants and museums in the center.

We are happy to invest the time to work out a customized travel itinerary based on your expectations and constraints. We will perform thorough research about anything in Oaxaca that you are interested in and will dig out information about unusual requests that lay outside of our typical offerings to help make this vacation special for you. Most of the time, this requires a lot of work on our part and by our entrusted partners in Oaxaca. In addition we will be available to consult with you over the phone or by email to make sure you are optimally prepared for your trip.

Our consultation is included in the vacation price and we answer your questions anytime; before and after the booking as well as during and after your vacation.

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